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Meet Merlin, the World’s Grumpiest Ragdoll Cat With the Perfect Sister


With the tragic passing of Tadar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, there was room for a new feline to be crowned the grumpiest of them all. Meet Merlin the Ragdoll cat who charmed social media with his bittersweet expression.

The latest grumpy-faced cat to become famous for his permanent sullen grin, just like the late, big, Grumpy Cat, he even has his own plush toy.

If you haven’t had the honor of meeting him via email yet, let us introduce you officially. Thanks to TikTok, the miserable moggy, whose biography reads: “It’s not me, it’s you. Eternally disappointed 😾”, has racked up over 1.3 million followers – he’s basically a miserable sect leader.

Just look at that face, what’s not to like? Everything, apparently – at least according to Merlin.

While Merlin may be in the limelight thanks to his unconventional looks, his sister Ivy is a stunning example of what a Ragdoll should look like: angelic and goofy.

Merlin wasn’t always so grumpy, though. As a kitten, he looked like his sister: a divine cloud of perfect fur. Quickly, however, he became a truly unique specimen.

It’s not just because of his steady frown that he’s garnered such a fanbase. The Ragdoll has retained its traditional fluffy coat and piercing blue eyes that the breed is known for. He is beautiful in his own way, and he knows it!

If you too have fallen in love with Merlin, you’re in luck, as this feline celebrity can also be found making star appearances at feline conventions.

This fall, catch this furious floof on tour, stopping across North America. Find him in Toronto at the Canadian Pet Expo on September 17-18 and in California for CatCon in Pasadena on October 1-2, 2022.

Don’t expect a warm welcome!