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Hilarious Link Fall Shows BOTW’s Ragdoll Physics Can’t Be Beaten

A BOTW player showed off a clip demonstrating the game’s impressive ragdoll physics which hilariously sees Link surviving a long mountain fall.

There are many things that fans The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I love 2017’s Game of the Year, including the title’s ragdoll physics which was recently showcased in a hilarious demo revealing Link’s awesome fall. It was only recently that much of the gaming community discovered that there is a way to prevent BOTW‘s Link from falling while standing next to a steep drop, although this mechanic is not usable for all sudden drops.

Compared to many other previous Zelda securities, BOTWHyrule is significantly deadlier than this incarnation of Link. Fearsome enemies like Guardians, Lynels and many others who can still shoot the hero – even in the later stages of the game – lurk all over the map. Without the right gear, certain environments such as Death Mountain can prove deadly just walking through them. However, perhaps the greatest threat to Link’s life in this open-world episode is gravity, which has caused the disappearance of many BOTW players who don’t have enough stamina.


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At least Nintendo decided to do BOTWIncredibly entertaining ragdoll physics when Link falls, as seen in a video by Reddit user ponderosa-pines. After a shield-surfing attempt goes horribly wrong, Link is left at the mercy of the world’s ragdoll physics as he tumbles all the way down the mountain. The fall takes around 15 full seconds, Link hitting cliff after cliff with hilarious results. Halfway through, Link would have died if the player hadn’t used a fairy to restore health. This allows our hero to somehow survive the fall after landing in a body of water, but he is still not out of danger thanks to the presence of an Octorok on the prowl.

BOTWThe impressive ragdoll physics not only impact the playable Link, but also NPCs around the world, resulting in hilarious carnage and defeat when used correctly. A BOTW The player even dropped a Guardian all the way down a mountain after defeating it on a slope, only to see its final demise occur in a distant river. The ragdoll physics are an impressive addition to the game, making it more realistic and serving to provide additional threats not only for Link, but also for his enemies.

Even at five years old, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild proves to be just as entertaining now as it was when it first came out. Aside from players still discovering secrets and mechanics, it’s possible to enjoy the game mechanics for what they are and the limits they can be pushed to, as shown in Redditor’s fall video. It’s a testament to the in-depth design present in this massive title, and it’s perhaps no wonder that END 2 has been delayed, especially if it will be comparable in scope to its immediate predecessor.

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Source: ponderosa pines/Reddit

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